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Welcome to Simplr Logic, an IT Consulting, Services & Outsourcing Company.

Simplr Logic has been fostering JAVA technologies throughout its existence and cultivating excellent engineers who are qualified to execute any consulting service successfully.

We develop and maintain enterprise level Java enabled systems for our prestige clients. Our teams have the skills, experience and guidance needed to complete your projects on time. our JAVA architects who have more than 15 years of experiences developing mission critical systems; can design and provide recommendations to build the appropriate solution architecture for your system.

Through our creative business model, you have access to the same Java development teams that were once affordable only by big corporations. Get a high return on investment (ROI) from process efficiencies, business growth and technology advancements, with minimal management overhead.

Our Services

Java Outsourcing

Jave development is the core of SIMPLR.We can help to provide you with a fully managed Java development team with in-depth experience in software design and development by implementing solid framework.

Project Rescue

There's no project which cannot be saved, if there's will, there's way. With our team of experts, we can help to jump straight into the project to assist and work together to make a project a success. Your project success is our greatest achivement and reward.

Support and Maintenance

Support, maintain and enhance existing systems to adapt to ever changing business needs and respond quickly to technology changes. Get application support and continuous system improvements, while minimizing downtime.

Product Development

We are open and constantly looking for creative partners to build new and exciting solutions. We might no be good in business development, but technology is always our forte.

Rushing for project timeline ? Need a rescue operation ? Prototype for new idea ? Drop us a line, we will kick if off from there.

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we at SIMPLR want to be part of your success story!

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Meet the Team

Welcome To SIMPLR

We can help to provide you with a fully managed team with in-depth experience in software design and development.
The team is composed of Project Manager, Technical Lead, Senior Programmer and Junior Programmer.
This team structure can be customized to your needs.
To date, we have 10 special individuals who come together having different skillset and strengths major in Java developement. We are consistently attracting capable persons to be part of our greater journey.

Kidd Toh co-founder

More than 14 years of experience in software development and design. Work actively as solution architect and system implementation in various project and domains. Core Java Developer at heart.

Mee Fongco-founder

More than 19 years of experience in software development and design. Had been involved in enterprise level system architecture design and development as a lead role. Core Java Developer at heart.

Our Team Techncal Skills

Java / Spring
10/10 100% Acquired
Web / Responsive Web (Bootstrap)
9/10 90% Acquired
JavaScript / JQuery
8/10 80% Acquired
8/10 80% Acquired
8/10 80% Acquired
10/10 100% Acquired

Our Team functional Skills

Project Management
6/10 60% Acquired
Requirement Analysis
9/10 90% Acquired
Solution Design
9/10 90% Acquired
Testing / QA
7/10 70% Acquired

SIMPLR is looking for LIKE MINDED , FUN LOVING and AWESOME geek / techies

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